Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Miss Ladybird Cakes we love designing and creating the perfect cake or treats for your event. All our work is via email so please complete our custom enquiry form with all details of your event and we can put together a quote for you, quick smart, to make ordering your treats an easy stress-free experience.

Once we have taken you through the basic enquiry process via email, we can organise a consultation to finalise your design if needed (consultation details listed below).

Taster boxes can be ordered from our shop section, these are on a 2 weekly rotation of different flavours, yum!

Click on the frequently asked questions below to expand for more information:

1How far in advance do I need to book my cake?
Online shop cakes: When using the “order online” process, these cakes can be ordered 3 days in advance to pick up. Simply choose the date upon check out. If your date is unavailable to select, then we are unavailable. We often book out by a Wednesday for a Saturday though, so as much time as possible in advance is reccommended.

Wedding cakes: 3-6 months is best, in order for us to take you through the design process, get you in for a tasting and to confirm all details.

All other custom events: 1 – 3 months is best, however these spots are only an option depending on the availability of the date requested.
2Deposits and Payments
We have a "save the date" deposit, which is $200.00.

This secures the date and the deposit will be deducted from the final cost of your order. The balance is then due 1 week prior to your event.

In the event of your event date needing to be shifted, please notify us by email and we will confirm this date change at no extra cost if booked within 18 months of the original date. Please advise if you would like this sent through to you.
3Cancellations and Postponements
When an order is cancelled we refund the payment made minus the below admin fee that applies to your order. If production has begun there would be additional fees involved based on how far into the process we were.

For all small orders:

Orders under $60 a $10 admin fee will be deducted from the refundable amount. Orders under $200 a $25 admin fee will be deducted from the refundable amount. Orders OVER $200 a $50 admin fee will be deducted from the refundable amount. Orders OVER $400 a $100 admin fee will be deducted from the refundable amount. If cancellation occurs after the order has already been finished there would be no refund of the final payment or deposits made towards the order. We would still deliver the product to a new/appropriate location confirmed with you the client or have available for pick up.

Lock down announced? Clients can opt for a store credit to transfer to a new event/ date at a later date.

Store credit is valid for one year It can be used on anything of the same value or for the same event rescheduled We recommend our clients give us at least 7 days notice for online shop cakes, but the more time the better If your cake order has been put on our “credits list” and your new date is unavailable, our terms for refunds are the same as our cancellation policy above. Your admin fee can not be used towards cupcakes or smaller items. The admin fee covers our email time spent rescheduling your order, processing your orders, website maintenance, our staff hours and processing the refunds.

Covid policy:

We try our best to make the cakes as late in the week as possible, but there is a certain amount of time and “resting” required for some of our designs. Therefore if an order has been started and a lock down introduced there will be fees involved in the work that has already been started.

Weddings and large event orders: If you decide to reschedule your event , you can do so within 18 months of the initial booked date. If the new date is outside of the 18 months, a new deposit of $200.00 will need to be placed.

We aim to do the best we can to look after all of our couples during this time.

What happens if our staff get covid?

If your design is specific to Gina’s decorating skills, and Gina gets covid, then the design will need to be altered slightly to reflect what the staff can produce. We will do our best to work out alternative arrangements for delivery. Expect delays in contact if we are running low on staff due to staff isolating. There may be some stock delays or items unavailable and we will need to alter orders according to this where necessary. Any changes will be communicated to you the client. If our full team is off sick or close contacts, we will do our best to find one of our Cake buddies in the industry to jump in and make/finish the cake for us.
4What information do I need to provide in order to order a cake? and How do I book a custom cake order?
Please head to our page "weddings and Events" for more info.

The best method of contact is to email us! This way we can send you all the information you need and you can go through it at your leisure. We can also send photos back and forth to each other which is very helpful. Walk-in’s are welcome however, we are open by appointment only during the week, so cannot guarantee there will be someone help you with your enquiry.
5Should I send a photo of what I’m after?
YES! The more information you provide, the better! Photos are very helpful when it comes to designing your cake.
6Can I come in for a tasting/consultation?
We are not currently hosting in house consultations but if a zoom/ phone consult is needed we can arrange this with you during the custom cake ordering process. Tastings boxes can be booked here:
7How much do your cakes cost?
We pride ourselves on creating cakes that are customised to each client – this means we do not have a pricing sheet as there are so many various options available to you – contact us via the enquiry form for a quote on your event.
8Do you deliver?
Yes we can deliver your custom order cake for a fee – dependent upon the location of your venue and can be quoted to you during the custom cake order process.

Our “online order” cakes are available for delivery up to 20km from our Elsternwick kitchen, Wednesday to Saturdays, between 9 and 1pm.
9What happens if I pick up my cake and it breaks during transit?
We take great care in preparing our cakes so they are internally supported and sturdy enough to travel. We also recommend that cakes travel in the boot or on the floor of the car, so they move with the car and are less likely to become damaged. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any breakages or damages to your order after it has left our store.
10Will my cake come on a board?
Yes, your cake will come on a board, white to match the cake unless otherwise organised.
11Changes to my order
It happens. We understand. What we do ask is you try to keep all changes prior to the 14 days leading up to delivery or collection. Customers will be notified of any price changes in regards to changes, before they are confirmed.
We recommend most cakes go flat on the floor or boot space of the car… which sounds scary. But take our word for it! The cake will move with the car and will be boxed neatly to help support cake during its travel. A transportation card will be attached to your box for some tips. Any special requirements for travel will be given to customer at time of collection. Please note that once the cakes and treats have left Ladybird Cakes or the cafe pick up points, we cannot take any responsibility for damage in relation to how it has been travelled.
13Can my cake come without a board?
No – We cannot supply your cake without a board as it is not at all practical. Without a board, cutting and portioning your cake becomes very difficult. Without a board, delivering or transporting a cake becomes impossible. We also use boards to give your cake structure and support, without them, it may fall apart before you get to eat it!
14How do I cut my cake?
We provide instructions with all of our cakes, and portioning is often easier than people expect! How to cut your cake will vary on the type of cake you have ordered, so just ask us! Our portion sizes are based on cutting your cake in a grid-like fashion.
15What makes up a tier of a cake?
Our tiers are typically 5” tall and made up of 4 layers of cake with 3 layers of buttercream between. We can however, make heights 6” upon request.
16Can I see more of your designs?
Yes – the best place to keep up to date with our portfolio is our instagram, @missladybirdcakes!
17Can you cater for specific dietary requirements?
Yes – we have a large range of Gluten Free flavours and can also cater for all kinds of dietary requirements – these are available upon request, just ask us for details. Please note that because we bake all types of cakes, using gluten and nuts, we cannot 100% guarantee that there aren’t traces of these elements within our kitchen. We are super careful when it comes to dietary requirements but if you have an allergy we must advise you to use your discretion.
18I’ve sent through an email, when will I hear back?
We will be in touch as soon as possible to all enquiries, we are a busy little bakery and can take up to 3 days to get back to you. Any emails sent during a Thursday pm / Friday / Saturday / Sunday will get seen to on the Monday – Thursday.
Prices and availability of listed products are subject to change without notice. Full quotations are provided before booking. Please read the above Terms and Conditions carefully before placing your order with Miss Ladybird Cakes. By using the Miss Ladybird Cakes service, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


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